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Buy an SUV for Less than $25,000

SUVsIf you are among the many Americans in the market for an SUV and you do not want to shell out $50,000 for your ideal vehicle, you are in luck. Today’s options for purchasing an SUV are broader than ever before, which means there is likely an SUV in your price range.

While you might be comfortable purchasing a pre-owned or off-lease SUV, there are several new models that fall within the budget category, as well. Thanks to the popularity of the compact SUV, automakers are able to incorporate the features people expect in an SUV within a smaller package, which tends to cost less in the end. The following are among the best SUV deals available today:

Honda CR-V

Since its debut in 1997, the Honda CR-V has remained popular among those who want the practicality and versatility of an SUV but at a smaller size. Base models are available for under $25,000. Standard features include front-wheel drive, an automatic transmission, and a 2.4-liter engine.

Toyota RAV4

Launched in 1994, the RAV4 maintains a legion of fans for its good looks and nimble performance. You can buy a base model, which comes with a relatively powerful 4-cylinder engine, for less than $25,000. Critics laud the latest version of the model for its precise steering and handling, while consumers appreciate its fuel economy.

Nissan Rogue

Available for slightly more than $22,000, the Rogue comes standard with front-wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission. Reviewers praise the Rogue’s car-like handling. Those who own their own models tend to use them for everything from daily work commutes to weekend fishing trips in the hills.

Ford Escape

Sleeker and more stylish than its predecessors, the 2013 Ford Escape costs just under $22,500 without options. Its plentiful high-tech features, comfortable cabin, and fuel efficiency earn it high marks among auto critics and consumers alike.

To find out which SUV is for you, test drive several at dealerships and read SUV reviews. With many automakers manufacturing everything from compact to full-size SUVs, there is bound to be one out there that suits you at a price you can afford.