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Choosing The Right Sound For Your Entertainment

Home audio packages are more miniaturized, powerful, and efficient than ever before, but the same rules about finding the right system apply. The type of audio system you will need depends on whether you will be using it primarily for music or movies. Each medium is formatted and produced differently, and systems are often optimized for one or the other.

High Quality Music or Movies

Music recordings are usually compressed and processed in a narrower frequency range than movies. Audio systems and speakers that are designed for music are optimized to produce sounds that fall within that range. They usually do not reproduce the broad effects that are found on most movie soundtracks. Booming and thunderous bass and distinctive clashes and booms will be conspicuously absent.

Cinematic home audio systems have the opposite effect. They are designed to process and produce the varied sounds that are found on most cinematic audio tracks. You can expect rich bass and the surround quality that can mimic the theater experience in your living room.

Size Matters

Speakers are indeed compact and sophisticated, but their power is still limited. You want to choose speakers that will effectively project sound in the space where they will be located. Speakers that are too small may not reach the far ends of a large room, and large speakers for a small space is simply a waste of money. Remember that volume levels are also an issue, and turning up the sound to the highest level on small speakers may blow them out or distort their effects.


There is no real easy way to determine what the best headphones will be for your needs and expectations. There are simply too many different types of products on the market today. You can purchase high-end noise cancelling items for hundreds of dollars. You can also get cheap alternatives for the price of a burger.

Don’t forget that you can also find a range of systems that can be used in conjunction with your iPod or other device. Docking stations, headsets, speaker adapters, and attachments that allow you to connect your device to a home entertainment system are readily available, and many are quite affordable.

The best advice is to try before you buy any type of audio accessory for your home entertainment needs. Clarity, comfort, power, audio production, and overall sound quality will vary from unit to unit and room to room.