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Laptops Can Fit Most Of Our Needs

LaptopsThe laptop computer can now fill the computing needs of every consumer-level user in the world.

The laptop has come a long way from the Gavilan SC, a chunky beast weighing nine pounds and offering a 5mHz Intel processor. Now we have touch-screen laptops, ultrabooks, netbooks, and sub-notebooks to choose from. Wireless access capable of handling high-end fiber optic networks is standard in every machine, and you can get a decent Samsung laptop for a few hundred dollars.

Advances in technology have made the desktop replacement a possibility. Sure, a family might still keep a desktop for general use because they are cheap and readily available, or a user might prefer a tower arrangement to have more control over function and customization. However, there are laptops for sale that address virtually every need on the consumer market.

  • Alienware offers high performance laptops that can play any PC game on the market. Some dedicated gamers swear by a tower arrangement for cooling and modification purposes, but for the gamer who just wants a machine that will run the newest shooters reliably, an Alienware will usually do the job nicely.
  • Ultrabooks straddle the line between full laptops and tablets in the world of portable computing. An ultrabook outperforms a tablet in hardware and functionality, but is still more portable than the average laptop, making it ideal for travel.
  • Netbooks strip down laptops to their very core functions: word processing, web browsing, email, and some multimedia capability. With a price tag significantly less than a smartphone, they are an attractive model for someone who just needs a basic computer instead of all the bells and whistles.

Laptops were once the expensive wonderful toy of the computing world, a luxury item, or a niche business tool for a few particular souls. Now they are on sale every day in every major retailer and website. Laptops and deals for them bring the price down considerably, well into reach of the common consumer. Asus’s EEE PC, a tiny netbook, once retailed for as little as $200.

Whether a user needs a particular type of performance, portability combined with functionality, or just a low price tag so he or she can get online and stay connected with friends and family via Facebook, there is a suitable laptop on sale right now. Tablets and desktops have their specialties, but the laptop has become the general-purpose machine of the modern age.