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Minivans – Better Than a Car or a Truck for Business Needs

Many people associate minivans with soccer moms and don’t realize that this type of vehicle has many more uses than just toting kids and their gear around town. Minivans have the ability to protectively carry larger samples that clients want to see in person much better than a car or truck ever could. They also allow more people to travel more comfortably and for longer distances than other vehicle types.

When there are business meetings, seminars, and trade shows that your business can benefit from, a minivan is often the answer. Finding the right minivan usually starts with reading different reviews online. Test driving several different ones will help you become familiar with the amenities of each and knowing which amenities you can use the most. Air conditioning, built in caddies, and a larger glove box are going to be much more important to you and your employees than a sun roof, surround sound speakers, and massaging seats.

If your business employs several people who need a company vehicle, especially vehicles that are suitable for sales routes, talking to a dealership that provides fleet vehicles may be a good business move. Many dealerships need business and, because of this, some will discuss fleets of fewer than 10 vehicles, instead of the usual requirement of 10 or more. Leasing a fleet will help you with the costs of repairs and maintenance, but licensing, tagging, taxes, and insuring will still be your responsibility. Minivans also have more outside space for company logos, giving you a larger presence than a car or truck would. Magnetic or cling-on signage is a great way to boost your company’s advertising without costing as much as some other advertising venues do.

When a business’s capital is low, it might be worthwhile to look into making payments on used minivans instead of leasing a fleet. You should study online minivan reviews to see which ones hold up to use similar to what you and you employees expect will be required of it. As with any used vehicle, you will want to have a mechanic look over any used minivan you are considering for purchase prior to making any payments or signing any contracts. Also, it is a good idea to check the Kelley Blue Book to make sure you’re paying a reasonable price for any minivan you purchase, whether new or used.