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The Top Sports

Most adults love at least one or two sports. When sitting down, people can enjoy watching a well-played contest with hardworking professionals at the top of their game. While most people have a sport they enjoy, many still cannot pin down their ultimate favorite. With that being said, here is a brief guide to the most popular sports.


Every two years, the world has an Olympics event in the summer or winter. With these events, people from almost every country send representatives to play their sport. In the summer, people play soccer, compete in marathons, and take part in other outdoor events. In the winter, people ski, snowboard, ice skate, and play group sports such as hockey. This is truly a great event that any sports fan should rejoice in when they have time.

American football:

In the United States, football has taken over from baseball as the number one sport. Now, on weekends, people love to sit around and watch their favorite college and professional teams. While it is usually by region, some people now root for teams across the country as they enjoy a particular player or have him in a fantasy league. Of course, nothing is bigger than the Super Bowl played at the end of the season, as it pits the top two teams in a winner-take-all match.


Now, soccer is not hot in the United States or Canada, but it is the number one sport in most of the world. In reality, the World Cup is bigger than the Super Bowl, as hundreds of millions of people in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa truly love to watch this sport. In the United States, it is becoming more popular, as the MLS is growing its fan base every year.


When thinking of a favorite sport, many think of baseball. With so many amazing teams around the world, fans enjoy watching every moment of this sport. During the playoffs, people will fill stadiums and gladly root for their team. Many like the sport as there is so much strategy involved in both the short and long term, as managers and owners need to make the right moves years in advance.

There are a lot of enjoyable sports for people to view in person and on television. The great thing about it is people who love to enjoy this activity together can bond and share a memorable and unique experience.